What is Adobe Business Catalyst?

Business Catalyst ('BC') is an Adobe hosted platform for building and managing online businesses.  With this powerful online application everything from clean brochure-ware websites to highly advanced ecommerce stores, to visitor/member interactive applications can be built.

Being a Cloud (web based) SaaS (Software as a Service) application, this all-in-one solution has many advantages.  Most especially in that it provides a fully supported, always evolving platform. Unlike other web management systems that require patches and new version updates to maintain them or to enable use of newer extensions, BC continues to evolve with the latest tools available to all websites on the platform while always remaining compatible with all past features. 

Business Catalyst is also unique by it's distribution method. Recognising the need to have experienced designers and developers on board, BC is licensed and rebranded via leading Web Design & Development Agencies around the world.  This has proven highly beneficial for all involved putting Adobe 'BC' as the platform of choice for many leading web designers and for tens of thousands of website owners.

At its core...
BC has a built-in customer relationship management framework (CRM) and an advanced eCommere engine complimented with rich sales, service and marketing features such as Email Marketing; Blogs; Bookings; Secure Zones; Web Form Builder; Automated Workflows; Ad Rotators; Photo Galleries; Literature (downloads); Forums; RSS Channels; Multi Country/Currency Selling; Retail and Wholesale Sales Systems, Supplier and Shipping Management; Inventory Management; plus an API (Application Programming Interface) enabling BC to fully integrate with other web based applications.  In short, there's not much that BC can't do.

Configurable functions and modules
Do away with the need for complex back-end programming.  Rather then writing and de-bugging complicated code, BC's flexible framework is configurable to create the programmatic functions required. (Note: While BC supersedes the need for back-end programming languages such as php, asp, or .net, it does not circumvent front-end web mark up languages or scripting such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.. These being the essential building blocks for any rich, custom website design.)


Business Catalyst was founded in 2004 by two Australian entrepreneurs, Bardia Housman and Adam Broadway.  Following rapid uptake in the Australian market the company shifted its corporate HQ to Silicon Valley in 2006 to focus on it's growing northern hemisphere success.


Business Catalyst gained the attention of OnCompany in 2007.  Following considerable assessment and testing OnCompany invested in a full rebranded partnership with Business Catalyst in 2008 to launch OnCentre™ in New Zealand (being BC under our own brand).   


Business Catalyst was acquired by global software giant 'Adobe Systems' in August 2009.  With an annual turnover close to US$ 4 billion and assets over US$ 8 billion, Adobe is one of the worlds largest software companies and is the global leader of graphic design and web design software holding an almost ubiquitous position for providing the tools of the trade. As software moves more and more online, Business Catalyst is seen a key acquisition for Adobe providing the missing element of an integrated website deployment and management system.  Business Catalyst already integrates with Adobe Dreamweaver and will begin integration into Adobe's Creative Suite following CS5.


The team at OnCompany has gained considerable experience producing top-end, feature rich websites on the BC platform.  BC's versatility to perform across a wide range of website types has us applying BC as the system of choice for 85% of all new sites.  Having built a strong portfolio and with growing international recognition OnCompany now has numerous overseas clients on the platform and works closely with other Adobe BC partners around the world.


Since acquiring Business Catalyst, Adobe has made significant investment in BC including new state-of-the-art data centres in Australia, USA and Europe, 24/7 global partner support, introduction of many exiting new features, plus a fresh, new 'version 3' admin interface launching early 2012 providing great improvements to usability and intuitive management design.  


Released with Adobe's latest Creative Suite version 6 (CS6) comes the launch of the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Adobe's Creative Cloud represents the biggest change to hit the design industry since Creative Suite version 1 (CS1) was launched in 2003.  Adobe's Creative Cloud provides access to all Adobes applications and all your design files anywhere, any time, on any device, to collaborate with anyone, to design anything, any way you like!  The evolution of the web from being a medium to a being a platform is rapidly giving way to 'the web as our workspace', and Adobe has met the needs for this head on.  The Creative Cloud steps beyond the CS6 bundle to deliver Adobe's paradigm shift to web including Adobe latest, and entirely web based management and development platform...  Adobe Business Catalyst!     

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