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Determining the tools you'll have to manage and grow your site after it's live is an important consideration and should play a significant role in deciding how and where to get your site developed.  Indeed, this one decision will largely determine the  flexibility and scalability to grow your on-line business over the foreseeable next few years. As a result it's a decision not to be taken lightly.

There is no single, 'one size fits all' answer.  OnCentre™,our leading management system gets close given its wide-scale adaptability. Having flexibility to do pretty much anything is it's core strength. But of course this doesn't automatically make it best for any one thing..

What's going to best for you depends on many factors including the nature and scale of your site and business; your objectives; your market; specific programming requirements; the frequency you intend to edit your site; your level of technical skill/resources and so on. 

This is why we offer a range of web management applications including proprietary, partnered, open-source and custom built solutions.  Our three leading systems are introduced below. We also have experience with many others system. Talk with us about what's right for your business.

 OnCentre CMS

OnCentre™ delivers much more than content management. OnCentre is about business management.  Enabling you to managing your entire online business from a single web interface.

Features include Web
Content Management with built-in tools/features for News Announcements, Blogs, Live Feeds, Forums, FAQ's. Web forms, Literature library, Bookings, and more. .A comprehensive CRM Customer Database with secure member login areas. Subscription services;  Loyalty programmes, Auto responders; Sales Lead management; Customer services and support system;  Work-flow and task management; SMS alerts and more..An infinitely scalable E-commerce store with unlimited catalogues, sub-catalogues and products. Upselling + cross selling tools,, discount codes, multiple currencies, freight calculator; Drop shipping, Invoicing, Inventory management and more.As well as an E-mail marketing system for your email newsletter campaigns. Send up to 10000 newsletters FREE per month then pay just $0.01 per email over 10000,  Plus in depth Management Reports & Web analytics to measure your business KPI's, ROI's and more..

Experience the power and possibilities provided in OnCentre with a FREE no obligation 30day trial.


OnEditor is possibly the worlds easiest CMS system. If you seek a conventional corporate website to present information about your business then you probably don't want to be bogged down with functions and features you'll never use. We've designed OnEditor to remove the learning curve normally required for web management. 

Rather than using a management interface, OnEditor opens tools directly on the webpage in front of you so you can click and edit much as you would with a Word document or Powerpoint presentation. 

You can edit any page, add new parent pages, sub pages and unlimited additional pages as required. The website menu will automatically grow. Choose a layout and edit the text areas, insert images, create web links, and much more. Try the On|Editor demo and see for yourself.


WordPress is open-source technology originally designed for blogging, although it performs equally well for managing a website with or without a blog.  Because good search engine ranking requires fresh, unique, optimised content, building a site with a blogging platform has some compelling advantages. The outcome is Google friendly and combines easy publishing tools to add new web articles (called posts) on the fly.  You can also allow your site visitors to comment on your articles (you control whether a comment will be visible) providing is a great way to have others grow your content for you.

The greatest strength of WordPress is it's many Plug-ins. Plugins are extensions to WordPress created independently by developers all over the world. You may be quick to perceive Plugins as being accessories to 'pimp your site' (and many plugins are simply that).  But don't be fooled.  Many Plugins extend WordPress into a highly specific web application for all manner of business functions. With over 11000 registered plugins available, the opportunities are many. 

Look through our Portfolio for sites labeled Wordpress to glimpse at a few examples of what can be done.

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