WordPress is open-source technology originally designed for blogging, although it performs equally well for managing a website with or without a blog.  Because good search engine ranking requires fresh, unique, optimised content, building a site with a blogging platform has some compelling advantages. The outcome is Google friendly and combines easy publishing tools to add new web articles (called posts) on the fly.  You can also allow your site visitors to comment on your articles (you control whether a comment will be visible) providing is a great way to have others grow your content for you.

The strength of WordPress is it's many Plug-ins. Plugins are add-on features for WordPress created independently by developers all over the world.

You may be quick to perceive Plugins as accessories to 'pimp your site' (and many plugins are simply that).  But don't be fooled, as there are equally many plugins that extend WordPress into a highly specific web application for all manner of business solutions. With over 18000 registered plugins available, the options are considerable. 

When considering the development of a new website we will often review a range of stable plugins to assess their suitability. When an ideal plugin is discovered it can mean as much as 50% saving compared to custom development costs.

Look through our Portfolio for sites labeled WordPress to glimpse at a few examples of what can be done or visit the WordPress Plugins Directory for a world of possibilities.



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