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On Company began in 2006 having identified major barriers for NZ businesses to access tangible, plain english, website design & development services.

Research undertaken from Dec 05 to Mar 06, commissioned by Auckland entrepreneur Andy Mundell, revealed a staggering 82% of New Zealand businesses were still without a website and that NZ's uptake lagged far behind other OECD countries. (Sources: OECD / Statistics NZ / .nzDNC) 

Why so many NZ businesses had failed to cross the digital divide was explored in a series of focus groups during Feb 06. The overwhelming majority of businesses spoken to sighted "confusion, a lack of technical knowledge, perceived high costs, and low or no awareness of where to access services" as the key barriers to online business. 

OnCompany. Web Design Auckland
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In concluding this research, the key barriers confronting most NZ businesses when seeking website design and development services were summarised into 3 simple statements.

1.  "I dont understand it"
2.  "I dont know where to get it"
3.  "It's too expensive"

OnCompany's founding principle was to solve these 3 things.

The opportunity was realised with the establishment of a retail-based, bricks & mortar agency, providing online solutions delivered in plain English, in the real world.

Orignally branded 'WebsitesEtc™', the company received an opportunity in August 2006 to acquire the domain name 'on.co.nz'.  The brand synergy and potential of on.co.nz was seen as an ideal fit.  Negotiations to acquire the domain succeeded in Sep'06.

OnCompany's Auckland pilot store opened at 213 Great South Rd, Greenlane at the beginning of 2007. Situated at the Greenlane Rd/Great South Rd intersection (one of NZ's busiest intersections) the location offered high exposure with traffic volumes at around 70,000 cars per day.

Combining this with traditional print media and radio advertising OnCompany enjoyed rapid growth increasing its inhouse team to 8 web designers, developers and support staff within the first 6 months.

Relocated in January 2011 to 43 Mt Eden Rd with a solid 5 year track record, a reputation for innovation and world class visual design, plus hundreds of successful websites to its name, OnCompany is now one of Auckland's best known web development agencies.

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OnCompany. Web Design Auckland

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