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OnCompany is proud to be one of the first tech providers in NZ appointed by Google as an 'Authorized Google Apps Reseller'

We're passionate about Google Apps and how it can revolutionise business communication, collaboration, mobility and security.  We say this from experience having first migrated our own business back in 2007 and then from providing set-up and deployment services for hundreds of Google Apps users since.  This makes OnCompany one of NZ's most experienced providers of Google Apps integration, deployment and support services.

If you're thinking about Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, or simply looking for a better, more cost effective, more secure way to run your business technology, then talk to us about deploying Google Apps for your business. 

Get a quick yet thorough understanding of Google Apps from our Google Apps FAQ

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What you get:


Gmail@your domain

Manage information better and never waste time managing your mailbox again. 25GB quotas per user. Search your email -- find what you need quickly and easily. Use labels to filter and sort messages. Conversation threading to help manage your inbox. Anytime, anywhere access. Web access from any connection. Mobile access: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile.



Rich functionality. Quickly add meetings and find available times and resources. Sync to Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Share calendars for easier collaboration. Corporate calendars; Team calendars; Launch calendars; Even external calendars



Essential editing capabilities. Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities Unique features like forms for spreadsheets and remote viewing of presentations.  Focused on collaboration with real time co-authoring built into all of the applications. Control access to documents at user, group, and company levels



Real-time communications. Instant Messaging archived and searchable with email integrated directly into the Inbox. Simple voice and video communications available on any machine with a webcam. 



Use groups everywhere. Groups serve as email distribution lists. Full searchable archive online for users. Also useful for defining access controls on documents, sites, and videos. Simple configuration for users to easily create and manage groups with rich capabilities and customisation. 



Simple creation of rich Intranet sites. No knowledge of HTML required. Use templates to define default Site and page types. Embed Docs, Calendars, Maps and other content Gadgets.  Ideal for Company Intranet use, Team sites and Project management and collaboration.



YouTube-like interface makes it easy to upload and share video messages with individuals, groups, or the whole company.  User can rate and comment on videos. Variable speed play-back to save time. Ideal for internal messages. Executive communications. Team training and motivation

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