Things you ought to know but didn't want to ask ...

The Internet has spawned many new technologies and associated buzzwords that have rapidly entered into mainstream society and everyday vocabulary.  

We recognise that keeping up with the play can be a challenge.  So if you're not entirely sure about the difference between a Blog and a conventional website, or if you don't know what RSS Feeds do, or you just don't get the whole social media thing...  You're not alone!  

The list of video clips on the right are provided to help demystify common areas of confusion.  They're brief, insightful and specifically created to put you in the know. 

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Written by fellow Adobe Business Catalyst partner 'Platonik'.  This quick to read slideshow presents the fundamentals that all online business owners should know.  

You may be surprised to find that you already knew these guiding principles. You may be equally surprised to find you'd forgotten to apply them to your online business. 

1000 Piece Jigsaw No Lid
A booklet about building and growing an Adobe Business Catalyst website, or any website, that works for business owners.
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