Modular Custom Website Design & Development.

Pre-priced, modules allow you to scale your website design and development requirements to suit your needs and your budget.  Request a quote to get a detailed proposal with a breakdown of costs and a full outline of the production process and applicable technologies.

Core Modules

Custom Web Design
Custom visual design of your website interface/theme

Overview: Our experienced creative team will custom design a visual theme to compliment and enhance your brand. This will evolve in consultation with you into a full website interface including your homepage, custom templates and layouts, brand header, menu, colour palette, backgrounds, main images, banners, buttons & icons, styles, fonts and more.
Process: After meeting with you and/or receiving your brief, an initial concept will be created for review. If the concept is not what you had in mind then this can be recommissioned up to two more times. The approved concept is enhanced following the review into a detailed theme. Our design team will consult with you over this period. The detailed theme is then reviewed with you before going into a 3rd round of modifications and improvements to be signed-off.
Duration: Allows for 16hrs over a 7 to 10 day period

Website Development
HTML/CSS/Javascript development to meet W3C Web Standards. 

Overview: Our in house development team will code your design into a working web space brought to life with dynamic features and functions including main navigation with drop-down sub menus. internal pages with carious page layouts, internal link structure, web buttons and icons with rollover effects and so on..
Process: The development process allows for up to 3 full revisions including fine tuning all core functions.
Duration: Up to 16 development hours over 7 to 21 days depending on complexity and revisions.

CMS - Content Management System
Integrated tools for full site-wide editing and building capability.

Overview: We offer a range of Content Management and Business Management systems giving you full control. We'll introduce you to the systems best suited to meet your ongoing objectives, then integrate these tools witho your website to give you total site-wide control.
Process: The integration process includes training and system modification to suit your needs
Duration: 7 to 21 days depending on complexity and training
Add modules 1, 2 & 3 for a custom website with full control. Package cost = $3735 +GST

Ecommerce catalogues. CRM Customer data, Email marketing lists

Overview: Unleash the power of a MySQL or MS-SQL database using XML data with API access for remote data exchange. With unlimited hierarchy structures to manage your business processes, e-commerce categories/sub-categories and products, CRM customer records, plus the ability to *integrate with 3rd-party XML data services and applications the opportunities are endless.
Process: Revisions as necessary to ensure database structure is correct. * Refer to module 7 for API integration with 3rd party systems.
Duration: 5 to 14 days once data is provided or data structure is known.
Add modules 1, 2, 3 & 4 for a custom website with full control and a sophisticated database system to manage multiple catalogue items. Package cost = $4980 +GST

Shopping Cart/Payment Gateway
Ecommerce cart, check out & Credit Card processing

Overview: If you wish to sell products or services online then a shopping cart will be required to perform this task along with a payment gateway to securely process the card payments from your customers card to your bank account.
Process: Revisions as necessary to ensure all functions are correct. OnCompany is a DPS Payment Express partner/reseller. We recommend DPS hosted services. We can also integrate with other popular payment gateway and Paypal.
Duration: 16 programming hours allocated and approx 21 days to complete (subject to bank application and approval process).
Add modules 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 for a custom website with Content Management System [CMS], catalogue and full e-Commerce capabilities. Package cost = $6225 +GST.

Bulk custom content loading and formatting
For larger sites with bulk custom content loading or reformatting.

Overview: As a free service we'll provide Excel templates for you to complete so we can load the contents and catalogues into your site. Should you be unable to provide this in the format required or would like us to perform further customisation or manipulation of you loaded contents and bulk data then this module is provide to facilitate that.
Process: This provides for up to 16 developer hours to modify and tweak your site contents

Custom Web-Applications
For custom interactive communities (eg: Listing sites, Real Estate, Dating).

Overview: Myriads of Web-hosted Applications [Web Apps] are available. From Real Estate listings to on-line Auctions to on-line community to freight calculator.... These can add functionality to your website, and improve your on-line business.
Process: We'll work with you to find the most suitable Web App for your purpose, using our experience to evaluate the multiple on-line solutions that will be available.We'll configure, install and integrate the Web App of your choice into your website. We'll thoroughly test it and take it live.
Most Web Applications can be installed and configured in the 12-15 hours we have allowed for this process. If your Web Application is more complex or requires major configuring we'll advise you from the outset. Additional hours over the 15 allowed for are charged at $95 per hour.

Add ons

Copywriting Service

Overview: Writing effective web copy can make a substantial difference to the success of your website. With hundred of competing sites calling for your visitors attention, you must capture their interest in seconds then retain it by providing the outcomes the seek. To get web copy that works we can provide an experienced copywriter who will write your main index pages One of our copywriters will meet with you to gain insight to your business and your site before preparing a first draft. This is followed by two revisions.
Duration: 10 to 20 days

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We offer a range of SEO packages priced from...

Overview: Overview: Search Engine Optimisation is the manipulation of data and other essential ingredients to elevate the position of your website as high as possible in Google and other Search Engines.
Process: We offer various packages to optimise your site for search. These packages deal firstly with technical aspects on your site such as meta data, page text, internal linking structure, keyword relevance, headings and page titles and other visitor conversion methodologies followed by ongoing monthly tasks consisting mainly of link building, and other off-site activities. Read how SEO works. and View our SEO package options
Duration: Initial 1 month set up programme followed by monthly management options

Brand/Logo design
Branding for an online world

Overview: We have considerable experience with logo design and brand development. We offer a full service from just $895+gst for logo design, corporate ID, and re-branding for the web
Please  View our work and talk to us about your requirements
Process: 4 initial concepts followed by up to 4 revisions. Final logo supplied in web, print and multimedia formats. (.eps, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .ai, .psd) resolutions and formats..

Google Apps

Google Apps Set up & Deployment
+$45 per user

Overview: We're experts at Google-Apps deployment. We'll set up your account, authenticate your domain with Google, re-brand the interface, adjust settings to suit and switch on the cool stuff, set up your user accounts and introduce your team to their new accounts and personalisation tools. We'll also show you how to migrate your data and provide user support throughout the transition. (Note: price does not include charges from Google for Google Apps Premier Edition of US$50 per user per annum).
Process: Access to your domain name registry account is required before we can set up the admin account and authenticate your domain with google (can take up to 48hrs). We then re-brand and customise your environment before setting up all user accounts and communicating with your team. Everyone will be allocated a temporary email address. Once you and your team have become familiar with the interface and have completed migration from your old systems (usually 5-7 days) we will modify your Domain records to go live with Google Apps on your domain.
Duration: 3 - 7 Days

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