Search Engine Optimisation - (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for anyone seeking strong placement in Search Engines results. Achieving this requires a multiple actions that collectively grow your position over time.  How soon and how high depends on many things and is also relative to the competitiveness of your marketplace.  If your site is one of hundreds or thousands all vying for the same position then it's not rocket science to realise that this requires a long term approach. 

If good ranking is your goal then consider attending a SEO training course to understand how best to manage this path. 

Be wary of anyone promising to give you a number one ranking or a fast track to the first page.  There is no magic wand! Shortcuts either don't work or don't help in grand scheme of things.  Good things take time so the sooner you start doing it right, the sooner you'll reach your goals.  

Find a qualified, credible SEO partner/expert to implement the fundamentals and set the forward strategy.  

With the right strategy, perseverance and patience you can get there.  How well your website is ranks is influenced by internal factors on your website plus external factors from around the web.   These form the two main aspects to Search Engine Optimisation: 'On-Page SEO' and 'Off-Page SEO'.

On-Page SEO is about your physical website. Factors like page titles and descriptions; Logical urls and link structure; XML sitemap; The age of the site; The regularity of adding new content, and above all things..; The relevance, depth and authenticity of your uniquely written content. 

When added up these On-Page factors influence around to 20% of your total search ranking (versus 80% from off page factors). However, don't be fooled in thinking that on-page SEO is any less important.   To the contrary, it is of the highest importance (initially at least) as it is your On-Page content that determine the specific things you will be found for.  Let's face it, a high ranking is irrelevant if you're a Tennis Coach and your site ranks really well for Pet Supplies. 

Simply put, On-page SEO puts you on 'the right results' and, when properly executed, should place your site in the top 30% of results.

Off-Page SEO is the primary driver to push a site up from a respectable position to a strong position. Assuming that the On-Page work has first been done then getting a site up to the first few pages, or even better 'the first few places' is the core goal. Depending on how competitive that position is will determine how much time and effort is necessary. But whatever the case, "time" will always be involved. If you have expectations for success inside the first 3 to 6 months then you may well be disappointed. However within that time period an incremental and consistent upward trend should be very evident.

Quintessentially Off Page SEO is about links from other websites to yours. Having a high number of incoming links from other sites is singularly the most influential of all factors to push up your ranking. While more is always better, the value of each link depends on the ranking of the referring site.  i.e. A link from your friends new website is nice to have but not overly influential. Whereas a link from a well ranked, popular site that is an authority in your industry is gold! This is why free directory listings (eg,  Finda, Yellow, Hot Frog, Gopher, to name a few) are very worthwhile. This is also one key argument for having a profile (with links back to your site) on Social Networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, and so on.

Listing your business address on Google Maps/Google Places is yet another linking example. So is posting comments on others blogs (where invited) with links to your site (where relevant).  There are literally hundreds of free link opportunities out there.  The hard part is having the time required for effective implementation.

Another highly influential Off-Page strategy is 'article submission'. Put simply this is about getting articles published about you and/or your product or business with multiple links to pages and resources on your site.  This not only helps your link count but also increases your overall position as an authority in your field.  But be careful. Casting a wide net from irrelevant location can be interpreted as a 'black hat' strategy by the search engines (i.e. Trying to fool them to giving you more weight than you're worth).  This can penalise your ranking if not handled correctly. 

Search Engine Optimisation via an experienced expert is the most effective path forward. To that end we offer various SEO packages and tailored strategies.

SEO Packages:

SEO Strategy & Set Up  Silver Gold Platinum
Price (one time fee) $595 $895 $1195
Max No.of pages 15 30 60
Email Client Update and Roadmap yes yes yes
Tech team familiarise with site yes yes yes
Gold Site Review (email report to client) no yes no
Platinum Site Review (email report to client) no no yes
Follow up consultation re Review report no yes yes
Implement new URL (if required) no no yes
Implement new index page content no no yes
Update target keywords no yes yes
Duplicate Content Checking and report no no yes
Duplicate Content Checking and report no no yes
301 redirect (if required) yes yes yes
Install Google Analytics yes yes yes
Set-up Monthly reporting yes yes yes
Submissions to Google/Bing/DMOZ yes yes yes
Submissions to NZS/Hotfrog/ASK yes yes yes
Google local/places profile no yes yes
HTML validation yes yes yes
CSS validation yes yes yes
Title/Meta Optimisation yes yes yes
Add speciality meta tags no no yes
H1 and H2 tags yes yes yes
Anchor Text Optimisation yes yes yes
Header & Footer Optimisation yes yes yes
Image Alt Tags yes yes yes
Rename Images no yes yes
Optimise images for page load no no yes
301 redirects (if required) no yes yes
HTML Navigation Bar (if required) no yes yes
Create or optimise Links Page no yes yes
Create internal links to Links page no yes yes
Create Robots.txt file yes yes yes
Create .xml sitemap yes yes yes
Submit .xml sitemap no yes yes
Create html sitemap no yes yes
Integrate social media on client site no no yes
Set-up Link Building program yes yes yes
Initiate Potential Link Partners contacts
yes yes yes

SEO Monthly Growth Program Silver Gold Platinum
Price (Per month. No minimum term)
$395 $695
Link Request Submissions 30 50 100
Inbound Link Creation yes yes yes
Check broken links yes yes yes
Check SEO of links no yes yes
Check for page errors (404’s etc) no yes yes
Submit site to search engines no yes yes
4 Blog comments on relevant sites no no yes
Write Press Release (1 per month) no no yes
Submit Press Releases (to 3 sites) no no yes
Outbound link building no no yes
Distribute Blog Url to 5 blog directories no no yes
Recommend ideas for new content. yes yes yes
Generate and implement new content no no yes
Optimise Google places account no no yes

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