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OnCompany Ltd Terms and Conditions


We, OnCompany Ltd, is referred to as On, OnCompany , We, Us, Our

You, The Client, is referred to as The Client, You, Your 

1. Our Responsibilities

On Company commits to:  

1.1. Provide the client website design, development and website hosting services that perform the functions detailed under the agreed package and additional functionality sections of the project information
1.2. To perform all services in a timely, professional manner
1.3. To respond to all client queries in a timely and professional manner
1.4. To provide a quote or estimate, before undertaking any additional work required to complete the website that has not been agreed on and stated in the project information
1.5. To employ our best efforts to remedy any functional issues after the website is built

2. Your Responsibilities

The client, you, commit to:

2.1. Promptly reply to our requests for logos, branding, images, and other information we require to complete your website
2.2. Follow our instructions relating to the formats we require this information so we can work with it effectively
2.3. Promptly respond to our requests for feedback and approval of design concepts
2.4. Ensure any employee or agent of your company dealing with us is authorised to make decisions relating to the website, on behalf of your company

2.5. Ensure you have the permission of the rightful owner to use any images, text or design elements that you have supplied for inclusion in the website, and indemnify us against any claim arising from such use.

2.6. To make all payments on your account by or on the date an invoice become due. 

3. Website Design & Development hours

3.1. Each module includes an allocation of developer hours. Should actual hours exceed allocated hours, we reserve the right to charge for the additional hours. We will alert you in advance if this is likely to occur
3.2. Once the final website design concept is approved, either verbally or in writing, then any changes to its scope will incur a fee of $95 per hour. 

4. Website Hosting

4.1. Website hosting, if provided by us, will be charged at the price quoted in the project information, paid monthly in advance by direct credit or by other agreed arrangement.

4.2. Website hosting payments will begin once the website goes live.

4.3. On Company will make all reasonable efforts to ensure website loading speed and uptime is at optimum levels, but is not liable for issues relating to server performance or website functionality

5. Other Chargeable Services

5.1. For the purpose of avoiding surprises we ask you always to expect to be billed for any time we dedicated to your website/business at our standard $95 per hour rate
5.2. Meetings, discussions, and 1st tier support services are provided at no charge and will not be billed. 

6. Warranty

6.1.  We warrant to build your site to the best of our knowledge and ability and that this will meet with the generally expected industry standards of the time. However OnCompany does not warrant or guarantee that the Services and/or your use of the Services will be error-free, immediate, virus free and/or continuously available or that the information provided through the Services will be complete, accurate and/or up-to-date.
6.2.  When your site goes live you are advised to test it thoroughly. For a period of 14 days from the go live date we warrant to resolve any bugs or errors found without charge. Beyond that the site will be deemed to be working. All subsequent requested for assistance will be provided on a billing basis

6.3. No other warranty is provided or implied. OnCompany cannot be held liable for any losses suffered or costs incurred by you as a direct or indirect result of the function or malfunction of your website

7. Payment Terms

7.1. All prices quoted are excluding GST
7.2. Before beginning your project, a minimum 25% deposit of the design package price is required
7.3. The balance of the design package payment will be invoiced as per the terms outlined in your proposal
7.4. Additional functionality may be invoiced on completion, or added to a development installment.   

7.5. Part payment of debtor accounts is acceptable provided the full payment is made by the due date.

7.6. Your invoice will be sent to you by email to your preferred contact email address. Method(s) of payment will be set out in your invoice. 

7.7. All invoices must be paid in full by, and no later than the final date for payment set out in the invoice/notice.

7.8. If your payment is overdue, OnCompany may suspend or restrict provision of services to you and we may charge you a late payment fee. You will also be liable for any costs we incur in attempting to recover any overdue amounts from you. 

7.9. Please let us know before the due date if you think that there is a mistake on your invoice. While you are waiting for us to confirm whether or not any error has occurred, you do not have to pay the disputed part of the bill. However you must pay any amount that is not disputed by the due date for payment.

8. Additional Terms

8.1. Additional terms and conditions regarding your website hosting, user licensing, and ongoing operation of your website/account are set out in our END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT

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